Be Seen and Heard!

Apples recent domination of the phone and MP3 market has been aptly demonstrated through the massive amount of sales the technological supplier has achieved. Recent studies have suggested as much as 60% of the companies sales are based on products that simply didn’t exist five or six years ago, such as the iPad and the iPhone, and the companies tremendous growth has certainly been seen in wider society with the iPhone quickly becoming the phone of choice for new buyers and the iPad dominating the rapidly growing tablet market. So how can you benefit from this rise in popularity as a organisation?

Luckily, Promotion Products has a solution for those companies savvy enough to recognise these trends and has introduced a line of products specifically manufactured for the “i-Market”. We stock everything from brand new touch screen stylus’, iPad cases, holders, stands and more. But now, Promotion Products is introducing something a little different for the fun and funky organisation:

The brand new iPhone Megaphone Speaker is one of the most popular items here at the office. Made from high quality and durable silicone, this speaker is simple: just slot in your iPhone and away you go! No power or cables needed. With a space for the charger to fit and easily holding the phone either horizontally or vertically, this speaker offers a real boost to your sound and is a crowd favourite!

This product is available on our Factory Direct service, coming direct from China these take longer than locally stocked products (that’s the flip side of paying less!) However, the price savings and the quantity more than make up for it! So get on board and try our all new iPhone Megaphone Speaker!

Why Buy Promotional Products

Promotional Products are not the first thing that comes to mind when a company or organization decides on how to market their business to the wider population. In the world of multi-million dollar television advertisements such as the cost of sponsoring the Olympics (Rumored to be costed at around $100 million each), a simple 30c pen seems to be small fry. However, promotional materials have been a staple of many businesses over the years, and are a tried and true way to promote your brand name to a large target audience.

Promotional materials gain their impressive reputation and effectiveness as marketing tools through a number of elements. Firstly, the pure number of promotional items that can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of one television ad or a billboard advertisement is simply astronomical. Marketing is a numbers game, and the more people you as a business reach and engage, the more effective your marketing, and 10,000 promotional items will reach quite a few potential clients. A television advertisement may seem like a more effective marketing tool thanks to its impressive ability to reach a large number of potential clients very quickly, however it lacks one of the main elements of a promotional item: a physically lasting impression.

While it does not seem like such a big deal at the time, something as simple as a promotional coaster on a clients desk can help to keep your company in the forefront of their mind. Something that they look at every day such as a pen, coaster or USB can help to constantly promote your organisation at all times, and is effective when it is seen by other potential clients as well as the original customer, and especially so when they see your company name branded across a high quality product.

Improved quality has become a hallmark of the promotional industry in recent years. No longer considered only a cheap giveaway, all of our promotional products have been manufactured to the highest degree with one simple thought in mind: providing the best for you. Used as company stationary, club sports gear, event giveaways or awareness raisers, our products will make sure that you do not get saddled with a second rate product and will provide you with retail-and-above levels of quality and variety.

With everything from the humble pen to compendiums, sports equipment and wine-glasses, here at Promotion Products we have something for every need. If you have a large thirst for high-quality promotional items, whether the basics or something a little different, check out our range and let us know how we can help you grow your business through the use of Promotional Products!

Relax and revive, but dont break the bank

As Australians, our country is populated with those who adore the beach, sun, surf and all of their pleasures. So with spring and summer coming up, we thought we would give you an idea on how to really kick back at your favourite coastline without costing the earth!

These Promotional Beach Chairs are, without a doubt, an office favourite. Sturdy and functional, these high quality items are just one of our new line of factory direct options that represent some of the most significant savings in the promotional products industry. At under $10 per chair, these products have been placed on order by a number of our clients in an effort to plan ahead for a long hot summer.

Perfect for any promotional or outdoor even, the Beach Chair comes with its own carry bag for that little bit extra in convenience and ease of use. With your logo or design printed on it, this chair is not only a supremely comfortable item, but is also an exceptionally effective promotional tool, making sure that your company gets their name out in one of the most idyllic settings in the nation.

So have a look at our new Beach Chairs and while you’re there, check out the rest of our fantastic Factory Direct range to see what some planning and shopping around can save you!

Factory Direct products can save you a bundle

First of all, welcome to the Blog! Here we will strive to inform you of our latest promotions, products, and also to keep you up to date on industry developments and trends.

Factory Direct services have always been a part of who and what we are here at Promotion Products. By shipping directly to you from the factory, you gain access to a much cheaper price and the ability to order a much higher amount of the product that you want and now, our Factory Direct range is getting a major overhaul, meaning that you gain access to an impressive number of high-quality products and all manner of new and exciting promotions. Gifts, Bags, Bottles and general Promotional Products are all available on our Factory Direct service, so make sure you swing by and have a look at our impressive growing range next time you need a promotional item as you could be looking to save a huge amount of time and money.

Savvy companies the world over have embraced the change brought about by direct factory sourcing. Here at Promotion Products we believe that a good promotional company invests the time and energy in developing and maintaining a strong supply arrangement with the factory, and so the factories look after us with great service and the highest product quality. Most of all however, these factories maintain a secure relationship with us because they understand that we can bring them repeat business. Increasingly in the promotional world end users who enquire directly to the factory through portals such as ‘Made in China’ are often seen as easy marks to sell sub-par products to. Also, when you deal with a factory directly you are required to pay in full prior to dispatch, not something you have to do when dealing through Promotion Products, and when an order goes wrong you have no legal recourse as you are dealing with a Chinese entity. This lack of legal grounds with which to make a complaint is generally not a problem for the promotional company as they have their total business to use as a bargaining chip, and suppliers do not wish to lose a client who can bring them repeat business. However, an end user making a single purchase can be safely ignored when things go wrong.

So do things right! When shopping through Promotion Products, delivery times are highly variable and can range from 2 weeks to 12. These delivery times will vary according to each product, as we source from many factories all over the world including China and Australia, and some of the products obviously take longer to develop than others. However, this is all worth it thanks to the savings that our clients have achieved due to shopping Factory Direct.

We will be bringing you exciting news about most of these products over the next couple of weeks through our blog, so watch this space!

Nick Letts, Social Media Manager