Get a free Virtual Sample of your chosen product with your logo!

Here at Promotion Products, we understand that you might not be 100% sure on how your final product might look. We also understand that some clients may not be in a position where they can have a physical sample sent to them, and with increasingly tight timeframes this has become much more apparent throughout the industry. However, there is hope yet!

Promotion Products is proud to present a brand new idea, unique on the Australian market – combining two of the most rapidly increasing trends in the industry, we can now offer you Virtual Samples of your product that come with the ability to be “shared” or “liked” through social media! If you want to see a marked increase in interest in your products or company, you have to have a look at these exceptional samples.

Crafted by our own graphic artists who know the products, these samples are a Great way to show you exactly how your finished product will look. The Flinders Pen, Sunset Cap and Gleneagles Fibre Plus Umbrella are just a few of the products that we have already provided virtual samples for, so make sure you have a look and see the quality and finish on each one of these products.

This process is available to anyone looking at our products – it does not matter if you are an existing customer or a brand new face, we will be happy to ensure that you are able to see in stunning detail how your products will look with your logo professionally branded on them! All you need to do is supply us with a Vector File of your logo and let us know which product you would like to see a sample of, and we will be happy to draw it up for you, usually within the same business day!

So make sure you check out our new visual samples and like us on Facebook for even more great treats, such as giveaways, updates on our latest products, promotions and more!

Add a splash of colour with a new Promotional Banner Pen!

As recent developments throughout the promotional industry occur, certain processes get much easier to process and uilise, meaning you can get products of the highest possible quantity delivered to you Australia wide at prices that have previously been simply unheard of.

As the demand for high quality promotional items rises, Promotion Products has been able to successfully implement a number of processes that will allow us to pass on to you a huge saving with some of our very best products. With such high quality products now available to you, your promotion will always be a huge success.

By allowing us here at Promotion Products to brand a banner pen with your logo or design, you gain a number of distinct advantages over your competition – firstly, the sublime full-colour printing processes used on these pens ensure that your logo is fully realised in whatever colour scheme you desire. Secondly, as a staff item these promotional products can help to instil a sense of unity and belonging in the office. Thirdly, as the public or your target audience sees your logo on such high quality products they will automatically associate you with their quality and attention to detail.

So make sure you capitalise on these unmatched savings and high quality products that are now available in Promotion Products Banner Pen Gallery!