HBC Caps right in time for Summer!

Picking the right promotional item is always a tough choice – for many, it depends on the industry or the type of organisation they represent, where for other their promotional marketing campaign is based on events, conferences and gift bags to truly implant their brand name into the potential clients mind.

Raising brand awareness is a challenge for any company, and for any marketing department, but Promotion Products is here with a popular choice that is quick, easy, looks great and is proven to work across a number of industries to develop your brand and client relationships.

The ever popular HBC Cap is a highly sought after promotional item – crafted with you in mind, this excellent product has become highly sought after across Australia thanks to it’s many features and stylish design.


The HBC Cap



Manufactured from a high quality, heavy cotton build, with a fantastic level of attention to detail, this cap has been widely used from sporting days, event promotions and even as a company uniform thanks to its durable build and versatile design options. Built with a metal clasp for extra security, this product is a must have item for any company, industry or organisation.

If you are interested, have a look at our site or call us on 1300 303 717!

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Officer

How can your Mood affect your Business?

It seems like an obvious point, but many retailers and organisations have yet to realise just how much their own personal mood can affect their business and creative development.

If you want better and more creative ideas? Make sure you’re having a good day!

A recent study by business academics at the University of Amsterdam has made a point we all suspected very clear – some business will see a highly significant drop in their creative and sales departments if employees or managers are not feeling their best.

So how do we combat something as serious as this?

Promotion Products has put together a list of some of the things you and your department can do to ensure your team is full of creative talent!

  1. Make sure you have a good quality breakfast. Having a unhealthy, or no breakfast at all can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life
  2. Start the day or meeting on a lighthearted note. A simple funny video or story can put your team in a better place, both emotionally and creatively.
  3. Find a way to combat workplace stress. Something as simple as a desk Stress Toy can make your life that much easier.
  4. Invite Positive People to the meeting. A room full of happy, driven and creative people will always perform better than a room full of crabby, irritated individuals!
  5. Remember – a bad mood doesnt last forever!


Anti Stress Water Drop

Adorable and fun, these Stress Toys can help to bolster your creative team!

While it might seem like a strange way to look at things, the outcome of your sales and creative strategy will directly impact your business, and so it is a serious thing to consider!

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products

Are these the Weirdest 5 Promotional Products Ever?

It seems everyone has a pen or a waterbottle these days. If you’re tired of the same branded products that you see every day, then these weird and wonderful products may be just the thing you’re looking for! A relative breath of fresh air, the following list should spark some excitement among those who are looking for something truly different:

The Collapsible Travel Mug:

Collapsible Cup Pill Holder Combo

Starting off with something that may not be the strangest promotional item, but will certainly raise some eyebrows, if you’ve ever been wondering how to take your pills while you’re driving then fear no more! This Collapsible Travel Mug comes prepared with a pill holder built in for when you just cant stop and pull over!


Magical Answer Balls:

Magic Answer Ball

If we’re honest, sometimes we all want to see into the future. And while all of our promotional products are of the highest quality to be found on the market, none of them can tell you who will be your true love, or if you’ll get that raise – fortunately for these troubling questions, the Magical Answer Ball has all the, well, answers.


DNA/Fingerprint I.D Kits:


Solving crime one day at a time, these DNA/Fingerprint Kits can help you get answers that maybe the Magical Answer Ball can’t. Proving that being an amateur sleuth is till cool, these kits are an office favourite.


Jar of Knives:

Jar Of Knives Engraved

Taking promotional marketing items from the bizzare to the dangerous, the Jar of Knives is certainly a unique choice, and one that has a lot of potential – after all, how many of your competitors are going to have one of these?


Stethoscope Lights:

Stethoscope Light

Last but certainly not least, the ideal product for….doctors in a power outage? To truly help what your doctor is doing in the operating theater, maybe you should suggest this unique product for your own peace of mind!

If you want something above the ever-popular pen or water bottle, if you find promotional USBs just a little too mainstream, maybe you should have a look at any of these weird and wonderful promotional products!

Promotion Products

New Flash Drives – the Storage of the Future

Flash drives are a great item for any industry or organisation, and with modern technology developing apace there is a reason why they are so increasingly popular.

With our new range found HERE, Promotion Products is driven to provide you with the best quality items possible. We realise that your product choice will reflect your business and its standing in the community, and as such we wish to provide you with a range of the very best promotional flash drives on the market.

With a wide variety of choices, our range is tailored to suit any budget or style – with a large number of budget, corporate and novelty options, theres something there for everyone.

Madrid USB Drives
A popular promotional Option


These USB flash drives are extremely popular, and come with a high grade Samsung/Hynix chip, packed full of features to ensure you have the best option possible.

New Promotional USB Drives

USB flash drives have always been a large selling category for us here at Promotion Products.  We have been met with success when offering these to our clients for a number of reasons:

  • Fast delivery – 3 weeks ex China most orders
  • Unlimited print colours at no extra cost
  • 5 year warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Quality Samsung or Hynix brand memory chips
  • Lowest prices in Australia

We don’t like to rest though when we are doing something well though!

Brisbane USB Drives

Our best selling USB drive

We have decided to massively expand our range and will be relaunching this product line this Friday on this new page here: Promotional USB’s

This new relaunch will herald:

  • New budget flexible styles
  • Dozens of new unique styles
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Extended 10 year warranty at no extra cost

So, please bear with us whilst we finish off the new page and be sure to check for Australia’s best value USB’s!


Summer is on the Horizon!

Although we may be experiencing a pretty cold batch of weather at the moment, smart marketers have already begun stocking up on some brand new items to help develop their business as soon as the warmer seasons roll around.

Our new Fun and Leisure range is an ideal choice to start looking at some of the most effective promotional marketing tools to be found in Australia! Featuring all manner of products, from frizbees to Umbrellas, this gallery is a great place to start looking for high quality promotional gear for summer.

These promotional items are a must have for almost every organisation – rather than online or radio/television advertising, promotional products offer a physical representation of your brand name and message that your future client can hold in their own hands, and by associating your brand name with a high quality product, the target audience is more likely to look to and remember your brand.

So have a look at the gallery, and remember as always, our friendly staff are here to help!

Marketing News: Kellogs to pull Ads

In a recent development, brand giant Kellogs have been asked by the Australian Standards Board to pull two of their advertisements after a complaint from the Obesity Policy Coalition.

Based on this complaint, the advertisements have been promoting unhealthy food as a viable health choice through advertising media and animation, targeted towards a younger audience.

Found to be in breach of the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative, the brand has since removed the advertisements after two weeks of complaints level against the campaign, and have been accused of failing to “play by the rules” and listen to their moral conscience.

Kellogg said in a statement that it had no knowledge of consumer complaints about the ads as it was not directly contacted. The ABS has since stated they did receive complaints from a lobby group regarding the current LCMs ad.

Read more HERE.

Kellogg has stated it respects the role of the ABS and accepts the decision.

The ultimate multi-functional tool – the Promotional Umbrella!

Promotional Umbrellas have been some of the most impressive advertising and marketing tools ever to be used.

Ideal for any activity from golf to camping, these rain-hail-or-shine products are industry leaders, and are the perfect product to grow and develop your brand awareness and target audience no matter the demographic.

Built with a quality and style that is unmatched across the market, the umbrellas from Promotion Products are highly sought after thanks to this build quality and the knowledge that you are dealing with a specialist team who understand your needs and have an intricate knowledge of the Umbrella industry.

So if you’re looking for a high quality product, suited to any industry in any conditions, check out our range of promotional Umbrellas here at Promotion Products!