Take Them With You – Travel Mugs

We have recently finished developing our Promotional Travel Mug gallery, seen HERE. This gallery has proven to be highly popular in recent years, as the humble travel mug is both a high quality, one off gift to an important supplier or client, or can also be used as a desk and office item to raise morale and keep your employees on track.

Some of the offerings in our brand new gallery include the Senna, Prost, Clarke, Schumacher and Coloured travel mugs – all of these options are brand new, and feature a stunning metal finish for unmatched durability and style.

Prost Travel Mugs

All of our products are of the highest quality, but these Travel Mugs stand out even beyond our expectations! With many of them made from an extremely durable and engaging metal exterior, they are easily printed with your logo, and many of our Travel Mug options now come with laser engraving and blackening for a truly superior finish.

Coloured Schumacher Travel Mugs

Thanks to the new manufacturing processes that have brought you these stunning products, we are also now able to offer them at much lower prices than in previous years, making them affordable for any budget and a great high quality option for those who are just starting out with promotional materials, or those who are industry veterans,

So make sure you have a look at our all-new range of promotional Travel Mugs – they’re ideal for any organisation and serve a highly functional purpose as well as being an unmatched marketing product!

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products

Promotion Products Supplier Meeting

The team here at Promotion Products recently got off the plane after a trip to see our supplier team at a trade show. Thanks to these hard-working gentlemen and ladies, the team was able to finalise some new product development that has been in the works, and get ready to bring them to you.


The Team at the meeting


These new products are sure to be crowd favourites, and help to incorporate sophisticated manufacturing processes to create something that is both visually stunning and durable. Thanks to our industry-leading order and development processes, these products should fit any budget in any industry!

Watch this space for more!
Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

Our Clients are Our Business

Clients and customers are the cornerstone of every business – without them, we’d be broke! It’s for this reason and more that we here at Promotion Products truly believe that it is our customer service that helps to bring in clients from all over Australia to do business with us.

The American Ambassador wearing one of our Caps

“The customer comes first”. This saying has been a foundation of our business model for years – whether you are interested in $400 worth of product, or $400,000 we are always happy to assist, and no matter your time frame or order we will always do our best to make your wants and needs happen.

As we do business with many different corporations, big or small across the nation, we know how best to help you in your situation. We have also done extensive work with charities, not-for-profit organisations and governmental departments, and are able to quickly and effectively meet your needs and criteria.

If you have any questions, queries or are just looking for a specific Promotional Item, please do not hesitate to ask us at any time.

The Classic Promotional Item – the Pen!

Sometimes you just cant beat a classic, and that is certainly the case in the promotional marketing industry. With a look at some of the most important factors that make up the ideal promotional product, Marketing Manager Nick Letts lays out why the humble Promotional Pen has become the iconic marketing product, and how it can help to develop and grow your business.

With many companies struggling to find the line between developing brand growth and conserving some of their resources, the demand for a high quality, functional and budget-friendly marketing tool has never been higher. For this reason, we have established an upgraded gallery of our range of these quality marketing tools, with an option available for any company in any situation.

Mornington Pen
The Best-Selling Mornington Pen

All of our pens here at Promotion Products come with class leading quality. With every build made from tough, durable base materials, these items represent unparalleled value for money as they will last for years.

Pens also have the added bonus of being an every-day item that serves a highly functional purpose. Studies have shown that branded products are more effective the more they are observed by the user, so a desk item that catches the eye of its target market every day is much more likely to deliver the results you need.

Another contributing factor to the excellence, popularity and effectiveness of the promotional pen is the price. Representing one of the most budget-friendly options on the market, our pens start from as little as a few cents each, and provide options all the way up the price scale with our top offerings coming in at over $300 each ( this is for a solid gold item). So with a wide range, and an unmatched price point, these pens can be branded with your logo to truly develop your company to the next level.

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

Does your Company Need a New Logo?

It might be time to upgrade that old logo according to leading Marketing experts.

With many recent developments occurring in the graphic design and art world, new techniques and styles have recently come to light to help develop a new wave of logos that look brighter, are more engaging and much more memorable than ever before.

Global giant Yahoo, the same company who recently paid over a billion dollars for the blogging website Tumblr, have announced a month long rollout of a new logo every day in order to gauge the audiences reaction and help to keep up to date with it’s target demographic.

In a recent interview, the CEO of the renowned art shop 99Designs, Patrick Llewellyn, recently commented that in his opinion it was truly vital to keep your logo up to date and in style. “A logo is your businesses public face” he argues: “If it doesn’t represent your core values as a business, it’s time for a change”. As most companies are aiming to stay relevant in todays rapidly developing technological age, this means having a good hard look at your current logo is vital.

According to Llewellyn, there a five main indicators that might spell out if your company needs a new logo:

  1. Your logo doesnt represent your current business. Business change over time, and may start to market a wider range of products or services. Make sure your logo shows what you do at the time.
  2. Your Logo doesnt adapt well to modern media. While long-winded logos and brands may look good emblazoned on a shopfront, this does not mean it’s going to translate over to your social media or website. This may mean it’s time for a shortened logo, or a completely new one!
  3. Your logo was a do-it-yourself project. If this logo was your design, or one done by a family member or friend, it might be time for a professional to step in. If you’re not receiving compliments on the design, then it’s probably time for a change.
  4. Your logo isn’t as appealing as your competitions. If your logo looks dull and flat next to the oppositions, it’s definitely time for a change.
  5. Your Logo is too complex. One can look at the recent changes from Windows to see that techniques such as dropshadows and gradients are no longer the in thing, and simple, appealing designs are what will help take your company to the top.

The old and new Windows Logo

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

Get in Now to Win!


Thats the site you need to go to if you want to win $500 worth of your chpice of Promotional Products!

For every new “Like” our Facebook page recieves until the end of August this year, we will put your name into a hat to draw at the end of the Month. The person we draw will have the chance to use a $500 gift voucher at their convenience for any of our high quality promotional items!

So make sure you get all your staff to enter the competition, because remember, the more people “like” our page from your company, the higher your chance to take advantage of this fantastic deal and help to promote and grow your company!

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

Tumbling in Cash: Karp Paid $110million

In a move that shocked the online world last June, giant Yahoo bought Tumblr, the online blogging service for a whopping 1.1 billion dollars.


David Karp, the head of Tumblr and it’s original founder has started to rake in his rewards, with the latest reports stating that Yahoo will pay the 27 year old $110 Million to stay on as the head of the Tumblr section for the next 4 years.

opening bell
David Karp, 27 (news.com.au)

The CEO of Yahoo Inc. Marissa Mayer has promised that the changeover will not result in any dramatic changes at Tumblr, and as part of that promise, Karp is to run Tumblr independently in New York.

The dramatic rise of social media in recent years has had a massive impact on the political, marketing and business landscape. With many companies now provided with an essentially free online presence, Social Media is just one way to truly develop a business and as a result companies like Tumblr and Facebook carry massive economic potential.

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Officer

Develop your brand with a Silicone Wristband!

How can you help your company grow without costing you the earth? Have a look at our new Silicon Wristband! Nick Letts explains:

With many startup companies or organisations with a low budget for marketing and advertising, there are a few channels that you can take full advantage of in an effort to help develop your business. Obviously, the latest trends are to go online and spend your time developing a powerful web presence through social media or email marketing.

On the other hand, traditional approaches such as television, radio or pamphlet marketing has escalated in cost, and have become an nonviable option for those companies who simply cannot afford to spend big dollars on this kind of advertising. Fortunately, there is a compromise that allows you as a company to save money while still providing your target market with a physical product.

Silicone Band

Promotional Wrist Bands

A promotional wrist band may sound like a standard choice to many, but recently, thanks to new developments in the manufacturing technology used to create these logo items, the price has dropped steeply. This has allowed us to bring you these products at a much lower price point than ever before.

Some of the benefits of using a wrist band as a promotional tool are simple – constant brand association, looks and quality. Every time your target audience wears this wristband, they will recognise and register your brand name or logo, bringing it to the forefront of their mind.

Thanks to the much lower price point, smaller organisations can now afford to develop their marketing into a multi-strand approach, ideal to maximise brand awareness and knowledge of what your organisation stands for. With increased brand awareness comes higher interest, generally resulting in an increased level of sales.

So have a look at our Promotional Wrist Bands, and let us help your company to grow.

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

Are Online Videos A Better Marketing Tool Than TV?

According to a new eMarketer report, the answer is yes.


With new trends developing constantly throughout makreting and advertising, and traditional television seeing a drop in its viewer numbers it almost comes as no surprise that the report found over 70% of the interviewed advertising executives believed that the online movement was gaining significant momentum and has in fact taken over from what was previously the premier form of advertising.


With the number of online video viewers across the world growing at a rate of 23% per year, most advertising professionals expect the growth of this form of marketing to be the most significant development of the modern era, alongside social media.

Youtube is rapidly becoming a must-have advertising source for every company


Thanks to this new development, the projected online advertising of the corporate world is supposed to hit an all time high of $4.1 billion – with rapid expansion within mobile and social media videos also hitting record numbers, the available target audience is constantly growing.

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Officer

Election Date Called!

With all the recent controversy surrounding the Australian political field in recent months, it seems like it’s all about to come to a head.

The current Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has called an election for September 7th.

Kevin Rudd leaves Government House
Mr. Rudd visiting Governor-General Quentin Bryce

Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott have delivered opening speeches for the 5 week campaign, with both the candidates running on an idea of who the Australian public trusts more with their future over the next three years.

Just five weeks after ousting Australias first female prime minister Julia Gillard from her post, Mr. Rudd has called the election on the 7th possibly as a follow up of his election winning “Kevin 07” campaign in 2007.

Who to trust?


Mr Rudd promised a “steady hand and a clear-cut plan for the future” with “new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of planning”, while the Opposition leader Mr. Abbott has stated that under his leadership “We will scrap the carbon tax, we will get the budget back under control, we will build the infrastructure of the future and we will stop the boats.”

No matter who eventually wins the election, the next 5 weeks are sure to be full of media coverage and constant speeches from the two candidates as they begin to campaign for the leadership of the nation.