Meet your Clients’ Expectations Head On!

First Impressions are of course, immensely important in business and how you present at that first face-to-face seeds a pattern of expectation.

Arrive looking tawdry, tired and tanked up from the night before will automatically convey you don’t give a brass razoo about the client or the meeting. You might as well, turn around and go straight home – stopping at a Milk Bar for some ¬†breath freshening mints on the way. Continue reading

Beanies – Perfect for the Cold Weather

Whether you’re from the hood or missing a hood, Beanies are the perfect way to keep warm this winter and early spring. Embroidered with your logo or message, you’ll be able to spread the word farther and wider than you every dreamed possible.

What’s more, our Beanies are almost, sort of, guaranteed to turn you into a Total Babe or Alpha Male!

Lanyards and Artificial Intelligence

Coming up in August is the Fifth International Conference on Social Robotics…and not a lot of people know this…or are likely to attend!

Except of course if you are heavily into artificial intelligence, like us. We have William in sales and Donald in despatch who qualify admirably.

For those however who feel the need to rub shoulders with a Cyborg, it will be a fantastic event. And, one made all the more memorable by spreading your brand or message on highly functionable and useful Lanyards.

You can do lots with Lanyards, trust us but the principle function is to hang ID cards – and you might as well reinforce your marketing effort on mobile humanoid AD boards!

Get Noticed at Your Next Event

When it comes to making an impact at a conference, general meeting or trade show, there are many ways you can do this…you could dress in an over-sized chicken suit and squawk through a PA system, plaster your naked body in takeaway sticky notes brandishing your Company details….(actually, that’s not a bad idea at all if you’re incredibly vain…and you might even get lucky! – note to self.) or you could give away a really useful, prominently #branded item like a lanyard. Our range includes a woven lanyard, as seen above which is incredibly attractive and is a cut above the rest.


Protect Your Online Reputation

At #promotion Products, we utilise the Internet everyday to advertise, promote and sell our #corporategifts.

Over the years, we’ve refined how we manage our website but how do you manage negative feedback¬†on external platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, not to mention 3rd party web directories like Yelp?

Web users surf to find reviews on your business, your products and service, and if all they find are negative reviews…well, someone else will get the business that could’ve been yours!

Here are three tips to help you manage your online reputation.

  1. Use the Internet to your Advantage – search for your company name and also your own name + your company name. you’ll be surprised how much information is kicking around and some of it may not be pleasant…
  2. Control what you can Control – If you read a damning review on your business that is clearly inaccurate, make a point of responding to it constructively and politely. Then, to take full advantage of this information, make a list of those negative comments and turn them around into a list of positive articles you can write on your website.
  3. Protect your Reputation! – It’s an online jungle out there and being proactive about your website, your Social Media sites and 3rd party listings, you’ll be able to mitigate issues as they surface. Listen to your customers and respond openly, not via direct messages. Demonstrate how fair and considerate you are. If you make a mistake, admit it and then work hard to redress the problem. It’s not how badly you stuff up, but how well you recover that people remember.

Get Smart with the Einstein Calculator

It’s a forgotten fact that writing something down helps print it in your memory. #einstein knew this – he remembered important things like his lunchtime shopping list because he wrote it down (Mrs Einstein was behind this little trick).
Now, you can get smart with your very own #promotional calculator which not only does the maths but lets you write down the result – #genius !

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Well, you’ve made it through yet another EOFY but how are you bearing up post celebration?! Our office discussions have centered on legendary past New Years including the much anticipated and feared Y2K! Do you remember we all sat clinging to our seats, clutching a celebratory beverage, bracing against the electronic maelstrom of chaos predicted by doomsday merchants the world over?! And…thankfully it amounted to nought.
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