A Timeless Promotional Classic

Promotional Mouse Pads in the Digital Age

A key to choosing effective promotional items is to consider their use and whether your brand name or logo will get enough “air time” to justify your spend.

Where are you right now? At your desk? Looking at your monitor? Well, that was an easy assumption… Chances are you’ll reach for your mouse and navigate to another page or click this link to our offer on promotional mouse pads. And as you do that, you won’t fail to glimpse your old mouse pad…all tired and tawdry from all that slavish use. How nice would it be to upgrade it to a new mat with a bold, full colour print of your choice? Continue reading

2015 Hottest Headwear

Multifunction Headwear – How do you wear yours?

These are sooooo cool! Don’t just take our word on it – the ranting, excitable dude in this video explains and shows their uses better than we could.

Suffice to say though, all the fancy designs in the video could be replaced with your company or organisation’s colours and logos…

Multifunctional Headwear Р6 Steps to Cool! 

Continue reading

Scrub Up Well

Promotional Microfibre Cloths Clean Up

Just as smart phones and tablets are the hottest tech gifts this Xmas, we’re finding that branded promotional Phone Microfibre Cloths are rocking up the business gift charts.

When these first hit the market years ago, they were the perfect solution for dirty spectacles and camera lenses but with new devices flooding the consumer and business market, many with touch/swipe functionality, there is now a definite need for stylish but practical cleaning solutions. Continue reading

Spend to Save

A Promotional Piggy Bank for the Doghouse

Xmas is approaching fast and gift-stress is upon us again!

It’s heartening to think¬†that your carefully chosen promotional gifts are recognised for the cerebral gymnastics behind their selection. Sure, you’d like your efforts to be appreciated and the clever interplay between your service offering and interlinked gift to go down in corporate history….but the reality is that most people won’t get it. And, if you have to explain a joke, it’s not worth telling in the first place! Continue reading

Meet Your Market Head On

Logo Embroidery on Promotional Caps

We love ’em! They’re not only a great seller but quality items in their own right. And as a nation, we wear promotional caps every day – though please, NOT BACKWARDS…that’s just poxy!

I’m sure Justin Beaver is a nice kid, under all that sullen scowling and hair that’s fashioned on his Nanna’s blue-rinse perm. It’s just that taking an ostensibly practical shade cap and wearing it back to front kinda defeats the purpose…..like wearing a Sou’wester in the bath. Continue reading

Show Your Support

Printed Silicone Bracelets

Let’s face it, it’s good to feel part of something, especially when the cause is notable. Even better to express your passion by a physical reminder.

I once worked with a big guy who was “rough as” in just about every aspect. In all the bragging of retribution against people who had done him wrong, tales of violence and downright illegal acts, there was a peculiarly soft and endearing side to the man. Continue reading

Highlight Your Brand

Get Noticed with Promotional Highlighters

If like us. you haven’t gone completely paperless in your office/study/briefcase/car, you’ll be faced with the awful task of making sense of that sea of white in front of you. Well, stress no more because with a printed Triliter, you’ll be able to mark up those sheets and restore order.

Promotional Highlighters are not only highly practical but a wee bit stylish and that helps immensely when considering an effective promotional item. With those two tenets satisfied, let’s move on to the curio value… Continue reading

Inflate Your Brand Today!

Promotional Balloons – an Old Favourite

The old balloon may have been around for decades but it’s a time served favourite if our sales figures are anything to go by.

Year in, year out, we’ve always been faced with the same demand for these highly flexible items. With a range that stretches from minis at 225mm to a whopping 406mm with a 4 colour print option, promotional balloons are one of the most recognised ways to advertise your message en masse, particularly to children. Continue reading