Going Old School

Promotional Pens – Still Holding Court

In an age where we all dial into the Web using tablets, smart phones and PCs ( I even did it with my TV the other night!) there at first seems a move away from the art of handwriting. Keyboards are ubiquitous in every office and home, and it seems just a little “ordinary” and inefficient to write letters and journals when these days you can dictate into your phone and transfer a transcription to your mailbox to be edited further and printed (still amazing, huh?).

It seems as though we’ve become so smart, yet reliant on digital means and forgotten our previous clever invention – the ballpoint pen…or have we? Continue reading

A Day of Contemplation

Everyday, our office is a vibrant & bustling environment but after the events of yesterday and early this morning in Sydney, we’re all stunned and silenced by the gravity of what happened. Whether you work or know people who work in one of our cities or have children yourself, you can’t help but be deeply moved and feel nothing but pain for the families of the innocent victims.

Today is not a day for work as such, we’re open of business but won’t be promoting our products on Social Media – perhaps tomorrow but not today…

We stumbled across a hashtag feed of members of the public expressing themselves and they put it quite succinctly:

SingleDallasGuy: My prayers go out to friends & family of the #SydenySiege. Islamic Terrorists are enemies of the world!#Lindt #MartinPlace 2 minutes ago
EmelineRe: Killed hostages identified as lawyer & Lindt cafe manager #sydneysiege #SydneyHostageCrisis #sydneynews#martinplace http://t.co/HJQOddg1zC 2 minutes ago
cjermyn: Feeling for Omani gent in traditional garb enroute to #MartinPlace w flowers remembering #SydneySiege & was spat on. We’re better than that. 3 minutes ago
OfMany_M#MartinPlace is peaceful & sobering this afternoon as 100s of ppl quietly gather calmly

A Summer of Sport is Upon us!

Affordable Sport Sponsorship – Branded Sport “Jersey-Style”

picture of sporting jersey promotional shirtWe all love a little Summer Sport for all it offers. Personally, I like loafing around in front of the TV while my good lady wife gets to deservedly bitch and moan about my antisocial behaviour and the banality of sport (OK, there’s one person who DOESN’T appreciate Summer Sport…).

For others, Cricket can’t come soon enough, albeit tainted with the heartbreaking sadness of Phillip Hughes’ death – one of our good friends who is a mad sports fan posted about the importance of sport in our lives. Nice one Chris.
Continue reading

A Right Royal Rucksack!

Balmoral Promotional Backpacks – Scotland Anyone?

picture of a Balmoral backpackOnce had a chat with an old boy from Scotland who had breakfast with the Queen at the end of her driveway to the rear of Balmoral. Now, that’s not an everyday occurrence but it goes to show that you’ll never find adventure sitting at home contemplating your navel!

One of the key reasons we espouse our range of embroidered or printed promotional backpacks is because they encourage people to get out and about; afternoons in the park, days at the beach, a wet morning at the museum, evening at the gym – the destinations and activity combinations are endless but the result is discovery and self interest. Continue reading

Do Your Customers Eat?

Promotional Aprons – Gifts with Taste

picture of a little red apronAt Promotion Products, we love our food, infact it’s a topic that dominates most free time round the kitchen table…what we made for dinner last night, what’s in the fridge for lunch, where we’re going for dinner that night. In short, we’re foodies but if you ask most people, they’ll agree food and preparation of food is high on their list too! Continue reading

Write Yourself a Cheque

Unfurl a Promotional Banner Pen and Write Yourself a Cheque

Check out the great branding space on a pen!How daft does that sound? Imagine spending to make money?! Well, if you’re in business, that’s a basic rule you’ll understand but to clubs and organisations, it’s a little strange in concept. After all, where does your funding come from? Who are your sponsors? Do you work in partnership with any businesses, individuals or the public? Continue reading