That’s No How You Make Porridge…

Promotional Corporate Hampers and a fine Porridge Recipe

photograph of a corporate hamper

It’s a personal mission of mine to educate Australia on how you make porridge.

We’ve all heard that wee boy on the Uncle Tobys’ ads protesting about the new fangled Instant Oats “that’s no how you make porridge” which was 25 years ago (ouch!) and he’s right, there are some things you can’t repackage but conversely a few that do rather well out of a re-imagining. Take promotional corporate hampers for instance where the whole is definately more that the sum of the parts. Continue reading

Think Outwith the Norm

Promotional Items – No Right or Wrong

picture of many promotional itemsThere are many ways to skin a cat (although, as a multiple cat owner, that’s a awful saying) but it’s ostensibly true. It’s one of the reasons we. as a species are so successful – we employ a degree of flexibility to the physical and imaginary world around us that helps us cope with uncertainty. Not all of us however enjoy that gift.  Continue reading

For the Perennially Late…

When the going gets tough – Express Product it!

It’s an awful feeling being perennially late. It’s something I dread in my personal and professional life – that desperate clawing at time in the vain hope you’ll halt it’s pace…

Have I been successful in altering the time-space continuum? Of course not! It’s a fruitless endeavour and playing that game only serves to create more stress (on top of the usual buzz needed to function in life). Continue reading

To Cap It All

Get Your Marketing Ahead with Promotional Caps

Picture of a Promotional Cap

Great to be back, huh? All that jolly festive cheer, fatty food and dysfunctional family dynamics are now behind you, and it’s time to get back to work!

Not that your time spent running a business or part thereof should be any less enjoyable than say, heading out to sea in a skiff with a few mates for an afternoon fishing….or taking your spouse for a romantic meal (without kids) …or flying a kite at the beach with those aforementioned kids. It all depends on your perspective and attitude on life. Continue reading

Put a Ring on it!

Promotional Keyrings – Newly Expanded Range

Bang! New for 2015, we’ve been tying our fingers in knots over the Xmas holidays preparing a revised series of webpages full of promotional keyrings.

Why? Well your custom last year persuaded us that imprinted keyrings are going to be popular this year – the feedback we received from you was to offer a bigger, more diverse range…et voila! Continue reading