Consider the Branding Opportunities

Printed Lanyards for Events and Conferences

picture of a printed promotional lanyardAt conference and event time, there are a plethora of promotional giveaway items you can utilise to spread your brand or message. With their low cost and attractive, large branding space, they are the perfect way to increase or maintain your presence both at the event or back in the recipient’s office or home environment. Continue reading

Hat Off to an Old Friend

Promotional Headwear – My Old Partner in Crime

Vale – Archie AKA York

It’s not often one gets a chance to work with family members, I have had that chance on a few occassions; my brother, cousin and mother-in-law. Sometimes it works and at other times, it’s fraught with preconceived ideas and expectations, roles and responsibilities that don’t exist otherwise Continue reading

You mean a T Shirt Madam…?

Selling the Virtues of Promotional T Shirts is Relatively Easy.

picture of a girl wearing a t shirtTake a simple white tee shirt for example and you have one of the most versitile pieces of clothing that should feature in most wardrobes. Not only can you wear one as a standalone item, it also looks good over the top of long sleeve tops with a layered effect on the arms. I have a particular preference for wearing a tee shirt under a collared shirt in winter or with a light sports jacket – try that in the NT! Continue reading

Cool Rays Ban the Sun

The dos and don’ts of Promotional Sunglasses

picture of promotional sunglassesThe quality of vision is ridiculously important to me. I’ve been blighted with short sightedness, cataracts well before my time, vitreous detachment and other crappy opthalmic conditions, and sat in the surgeon’s chair a fair few times. So, when it comes to the health of your eyes and the quality of eyesight, I’m now something of an expert! Continue reading

If you like it put a ring on it.

Branded Custom Keyrings are Gobsmackingly Amazing!

photograph of a customised keyringBeyonce is an outstanding performer – no doubt about it, she’s a consummate professional…and a bit of a babe. Disappointing then to read last week that she’s been named as one of the celebrities with the worst, smelliest breath in her industry, closely flanked by P Diddy and Justin Beaver… Honestly, if we sold promotional toothpaste, I could make a strong link between success and bad breath, and hence push our branded oral hygiene range to the professions – thank goodness we don’t yet stock any. Continue reading

It’s the Little Things that Count

Pampering – Logo Products for Home

When I was a boy, my dad worked in an office full of women, perfume and smoke. They also had biscuits which made after-school care in their kitchen bearable.

The lady folk mainly occupied the typing office (I know, but women’s rights hadn’t been invented in country towns in the 70s!). Given that, it was the fairer sex who actually ran the day-to-day business. My dad was in-effect, a pawn in their game and I’m glad to say, history has repeated itself. The Promotion Products office is staffed by energetic, resourceful women who allow our boss to think he’s actually in control……sound familiar to you? Continue reading

Get a Little Lift

Join the New wave with Promotional Umbrellas

picture of a damned fine promotional umbrellaWe tend to think of promotional Umbrellas as soley providing protection against rain and sun, as barriers against stuff that hails from above. That’s their primary function but in my opinion, a poor second to the lesser known uplift effect on a windy day. Many a walk has been made all the easier by being propelled along by a sweeping southerly! Continue reading