Where’s the Humanity?

Promotional Letter Openers – Still in Demand!

picture of promotional letter openerSo, we’ve all moved into the digital age and cast aside our olde fashioned ways using pens and paper. Mail has become so electronically refined and a well organised Inbox sorts your mail upon receipt, helps you prioritise, reminds you when to reply, archives on demand, shares in an instant, retreives photographs and stores them on your desktop etc. Continue reading

Wardrobe Stress Relief!

Branded Business Shirts

photograph of a businessman wearing a branded shirtA few years back, I scored a job in a paper factory – it was dirty, smelly and at times, dangerous. The latter was a combination of dodging punches from a psychotic workmate and the wet, slippery interior of the building I worked in. It wasn’t an easy job in that respect alone and I would come home reeking of sulpher and goodness knows what, especially after I got splashed with paper pulp. Continue reading

The Megadeath2000 Party

USB Hubs to Share the Tech

picture of a branded usb hubWhether we like it or not, we’re all devotees to the wave of Tech that underpins almost everything we do (mental note for weekend; invent Electronic Knitting Needles) and you can hardly sit at your desk, go to a conference, a meeting, a car journey, a LAN MEGADEATH2000 party without finding yourself short of a USB port or two!

Continue reading

Torch it Baby!

Light up Your Cave with a Promotional Torches

picture of a promotional torchHanding someone a promotional torch solicits a similar response to putting up a “Wet Paint” sign on a park bench. Just as sticky fingerprints mark your paintwork, you’re pestered by shafts of light.

Why do we do that? What is it within that compels us to touch and tamper?    Continue reading

A Boyhood Fascination

Mark up with Novelty Pens

When I was a boy, they were only just starting to introduce pens into the classroom, before that it was pencil and chalk (really, a recent trip to my child’s prep class opened my eyes to a whole new world of communication – gone is the blackboard, in comes the whiteboard, the overhead projector is dead and we all now bow to the data projector linked to a PC and iPad!). Continue reading

Salute the Flag Folks!

Australiana Products  – our Hidden Gem

picture of an australian t shirt and a new zealand tee shirtOK, we think we have a traitor in our ranks and the finger of suspicion is firmly pointed at our Sales Supremo, Will – he of the Kiwi persuasion!

Appointed with the job of developing our range of Australiana products, we found this sneaky little one which he slipped under the radar. So, Will went off-topic a bit…or did he? Continue reading

Finding your Niche with Puppy Love

Building Business Relationships with Promotional Products

Taking in some of the cafe culture in Port Melb this weekend, I came across this curious sign which of course isn’t the main reason the vendor went into business. They would have started a cafe for humans like all their competitors but at some stage realised selling tea and coffee alone wasn’t enough and there was a lot to be gained from expanding their offering first to children with Baby Cinos, then pets with Puppy Cinos! Continue reading

Vale the Filofax

Promotional Compendiums, the new Filofax?

picture of a promotional compendium

Do you remember the 80’s? No such thing as a promotional compendium back then – if you were young, hip and organised, you had a Filofax and a brick shaped mobile phone. You also had tall hair and shoulderpads though that’s an aspect many of us wish to bury deep. Music was better back then, as was politics and growth (well, the early part of the decade, not the 17% mortgage  interest part!). Continue reading