Brand name promotional material

Although the point of promotional items is to highlight your brand and message, sometimes there is a certain level of peace of mind that comes with a product from a supplier that you know outside of the promotional marketing area.

A classic case in point is Bic – they have been the standard when it comes to pens and more for many years, and are a widely known brand in lighters, waterbottles, their famous pens and more.

BIC® Clic Stic™

As an approved wholesaler of Bic products, we know their quality and the impact that their brand can have on enhancing your logo and message. Being able to associate your company with a globally recognised brand like Bic makes a tangible difference in your ROI for promotional items.

Our range includes a number of items that you will have used yourself, and so will be able to speak to their quality and superior feel, but of course we are always happy to help with samples and artwork mock ups.

So to really make an impact, call us or get in contact on the LiveChat and ask how we can get started building your brand!

Nicholas Letts
Promotion Products – Marketing Manager

Social Experiments: Some Numbers for Facebook

As much as I realise the irony of posting this article on a blog, many of you are interested in seeing figures to back up some of the claims people make about social media marketing.

As such, I thought it might be a good idea to post this article from – in it, it summarises some core data from Facebook (arguably the worlds most popular social media site) and the way that brands use the platform to grow market awareness.


You can read the full article here:

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

Winter is coming! Are you prepared?

Apart from being an iconic line from one of the most watched (and pirated!) shows on air today, the phrase Winter is Coming is exceptionally true in Australia at the moment.

With a chill nip in the air, it’s important for us Aussies to take a look at how prepared we are for the colder mornings, late night footy games and for those of us lucky enough, checking out the forecasted record snowfall!

To help you out, Promotion Products has a great range of apparel that can really help take the edge off – you can find our Jackets here for instance!


These jackets are one of the most effective and under-utilized tools on the market – a cut above the standard promotional shirt or even polo, they’re a fantastic branding opportunity that helps you to make a difference to your bottom line.

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

Friday Fun!

It’s always good to relax on a Friday – take a load off and check out some of these fantastic Logo designs!

Fish food

Motion Animation Studio



Half Badger

The full gallery can be found here:

Check out how we can help bring your brand out here:

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

Timing your Order

Picking the right product is important, but equally important for a lot of our clients is the timing – it can be urgent, needed within a month or not till next year, so how do you time your order?

As a general rule of thumb, most of our products operate on a 7-10 day turnaround after the artwork has been approved. We do have a range of Express Items that we can certainly do on a shorter turnaround, but on average our clients are looking to recieve products by a certain date a few weeks or months away. So ho do you time placing an order.

Essentially, the sooner the better – this gives you the maximum time to check your order status, create a guarantee for delivery and depending on the product can actually help you save on the total cost of your order. We will always try to work to your timeframe, but sometimes it can be helpful to have a few days as a buffer.

For questions on timing and delivery turnaround, speak with our helpful Account Managers on 1300 303 717!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

Politics, Marketing and the Campaign

With the federal campaign now announced for the Australian Government, the roll out of slogans, catch-words and three-word-phrases comes to the fore. Are you prepared for the start of one of the longest elections in Australian history?

While the Liberal Party is now polling behind the Labor Party when it comes to the two party preferred numbers, Malcolm Turnbull still retains a commanding lead as preferred PM over Bill Shorten. So it seems as if the race is on.

During the next few weeks, we will see some of the most direct and hard-line marketing in the world come from both camps, as well as the myriad of smaller parties and independents competing for a seat. Whether you’re a hard-core supporter, and interested observer or a habitual donkey voter, you will be exposed to the branding of all players being ramped up to unseen levels.

And this provides us with a perfect view of two massive brands competing for market share.

As people responsible for marketing our businesses, it’s a fascinating process to watch two brands compete with an array of resources and a nearly bottomless pit of funds to take arguably the most impressive prize in Australian Politics – majority ruling in the house.

It is in this situation that we can observe the work of some of the brightest minds in our field. After all, with that prize, both major parties will be bringing the best to their side for support, master manipulators of public awareness and perception – altering and changing everything from the candidates policy to the Pen they use.

So over the next few months, observe the methods of the major parties and see if you can pick up any tricks or tips in how they show the best side of their brand.

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products


Superior Quality – Why It Matters!

Take a simple example – the Calico bag. This is a product that has been available on the market for years, has worked extremely well in a number of different areas and yet still delivers day to day. But with this widespread use, there are many different items – how do you know which is a good choice?

Typically, two things to look out for when it comes to the quality of a Calico Bag are the weight of the bag, and the stitching. The weight typically refers to the density of the material, while the stitching speaks to it’s durability.

The industry average for weight is around 4oz, and the stitching is typically a single stitch.

Compare that to our Superior Calico Bags – here you can see an item that retains that classic look and feel of the calico bag, but offers a 7oz weight and a double stitch build for that finish and strength that your clients love and actually helps to build your brand.

Superior Cotton Bags

We also have these items on sale currently, so if you’re interested give us a call, and we will be able to help you out!

Nicholas Letts
Promotion Products – Marketing Manager 

Lead up to EOFY!

The end of the financial year brings a lot of frantic tying up of loose ends as everyone gets a little busier than they were before. Fortunately, we’re looking to help out with some fantastic new products, deals and sales over the next 2 months!

As June is just around the corner, savvy companies are looking at their Marketing and Promotional budgets to determine how they can get the most out of them and really make a difference in their sales. Remembering back to our last Blog post, if you cant measure it, you cant manage it – so looking back at FY15/16 in July, do you want to see a same-same level performance or a staggering rise in employee engagement and sales figures?

Something like one of these Madison pen sets can really help show your employees your appreciation of their worth after a hard fought June period:

It is also so important to make sure that you have your plan for the next financial year ready to go – when you have your events mapped out and a plan in action, get in contact with us as if we are given enough notice we can frequently offer an additional saving on the already competitive price thanks to our fantastic relationship with the manufacturing factories.

Good luck everyone, and remember to call us on 1300 303 717!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products