Spend to Save

A Promotional Piggy Bank for the Doghouse

Xmas is approaching fast and gift-stress is upon us again!

It’s heartening to think┬áthat your carefully chosen promotional gifts are recognised for the cerebral gymnastics behind their selection. Sure, you’d like your efforts to be appreciated and the clever interplay between your service offering and interlinked gift to go down in corporate history….but the reality is that most people won’t get it. And, if you have to explain a joke, it’s not worth telling in the first place!

Without being too derogatory, the general population are, ahem, like dogs – don’t fool yourself that there’s love going both ways, it’s actually all about the food…

With that crude analogy, sometimes it pays NOT to be particularly fussy about what you gift, rather to boldly give a tried and tested favourite and get on with your life.

This festive season, the traditional Promotional Piggy Bank will feature underneath corporate christmas trees in record breaking numbers. Not just because they’re attractive, easily distinguished and brandable items but because austerity is the new wave for 2015. It’s rumoured it’ll be cool to save and be money conscious – perfect if you’re on a tight budget or a tight arse….

Let’s face it, if you’re NOT money conscious, you won’t last long in business!

Enjoy your Xmas shopping.