A Summer of Sport is Upon us!

Affordable Sport Sponsorship – Branded Sport “Jersey-Style”

picture of sporting jersey promotional shirtWe all love a little Summer Sport for all it offers. Personally, I like loafing around in front of the TV while my good lady wife gets to deservedly bitch and moan about my antisocial behaviour and the banality of sport (OK, there’s one person who DOESN’T appreciate Summer Sport…).

For others, Cricket can’t come soon enough, albeit tainted with the heartbreaking sadness of Phillip Hughes’ death – one of our good friends who is a mad sports fan posted about the importance of sport in our lives.┬áNice one Chris.

From a business sense, how can you “get involved” with a passion that dominates so many people’s lives? How can you tap into that rich seam of association?

For big business, that’s an easy option via sports sponsorship through the media – they reach global markets that small to medium businesses could only dream of, and in reality, would be ill equipped to cater to.

That concept though, of reinforcing your logo and brand can be achieved by donating printed shirts to a local sporting organisation – it’s a sure fire way of striking up a relationship that pays you in dividends – literally. Sponsoring a local team and being strongly associated with your community through summer sports, is a savvy business direction.

Check out our range of Stormtech promotional clothing and in particular, the Sport Jersey options.

Now, back to the TV…