A Right Royal Rucksack!

Balmoral Promotional Backpacks – Scotland Anyone?

picture of a Balmoral backpackOnce had a chat with an old boy from Scotland who had breakfast with the Queen at the end of her driveway to the rear of Balmoral. Now, that’s not an everyday occurrence but it goes to show that you’ll never find adventure sitting at home contemplating your navel!

One of the key reasons we espouse our range of embroidered or printed promotional backpacks is because they encourage people to get out and about; afternoons in the park, days at the beach, a wet morning at the museum, evening at the gym Рthe destinations and activity combinations are endless but the result is discovery and self interest.

Why would you go out of your way to gift a promotional backpack? Aren’t they expensive and won’t they be underappreciated?

I think you have to consider the wider picture and the benefit to individuals who get out and about, enriching their minds culturally or enjoying healthy sporting endeavours or finding zen-like peace down the coast or on top of a mountain…

Wouldn’t you rather work with or do business with inspired people who bring their rich life experiences into dealings with you? And wouldn’t you also like to know your embroidered brand message has been with them to the top of Kosciusko? Or on that mega fishing trip to Stradbroke Island or to Opera in the park? Gently reinforcing your part in their lives’ great adventure – what value can you place on that kind of relationship building?

OK, back to the old boy who had brekkie with Madge. He was touring in his caravan in the 70s with his dearly departed wife when they stopped at the roadside in Scotland to fire up their kettle and make something to eat. In the middle of their preparations, a Landrover drove along an adjoining road and stopped. Who should get out but the Queen with her Gillet (gamekeeper)! They’d been having problems with poachers and were investigating the vehicle at the end of her driveway and to cut a long ¬†but sweet story short, he asked her if she’d like a cup of tea and she ended up joining them for a brew.

Now, the old boy didn’t have a Balmoral promotional backpack and I suppose his story has more charm and interest than recounting your Thursday night yoga session but each scenario sure as hell beats watching dross on TV!