Under a Dark Blue Haze

Blow up a Promotional Balloon or Two

promo balloons pictureT’is the Season for Office Parties soon. And also trade show time. The one thing I like to promote is getting as much bang-per-buck from every promotional item. If you’re buying promotional balloons for a trade show or event, you certainly don’t want to under-cater. Then, what do you do with the leftovers? Throw a party! Well, not immediately but a glut of promo balloons makes for an ideal party booster, especially when colleagues’ kids are in tow.

At a Federal Government Department’s Xmas bash a couple of years ago I was invited to,  I dragged my family with me. It was one of those Saturday afternoon extravaganzas in a  park with a bouncy castle, donkey rides and a band playing Dixie (yes, you in part paid for it folks…but it WAS good). Aside from all the hoopla and games, the balloon stall seemed to get most of the attention.

And there we were; kids were happy and mum & dad were happy too. Leading up to Xmas with all it’s financial constraints on family budgets, that afternoon was a welcome break from all the stresses those gov staff and their families faced, under a dark blue haze of Federally crested promotional balloons.

Like many promotional items, it’s worthwhile looking past the initial deployment and ahead to the countless secondary possibilities. Uses for promotional balloons are relatively easy anticipate, perhaps a good reason in itself to secure an order today!