Is it too much to ask?

Brush up on Promotional Grooming Products

picture of a branded personal grooming setRight, that’s it, I’m going to issue a restraining order on my family! If anyone comes within cooee of my bathroom drawer and its hallowed contents, there will be dark revenge enacted.

I am serious though but I don’t expect them to comply with the Law of Dad which is riddled with so many holes that my nearest and dearest pour cold contempt through it at every turn.

Is it too much to ask for one’s nail clippers and file to remain in one’s drawer? That a comb be returned after use? A pair of tweezers’ hidey hole be respected?

I won’t be alone in my outrage and I’d bet most of your business contacts are in the same boat – fighting a losing battle to keep their hair and nails shipshape and Bristol fashion…so why not take advantage of that need and put together a package of promotional grooming products in a branded pouch or case?

Show your solidarity and understanding of this common domestic plight and supply clients or favoured customers with a set to keep in the office, in the car or on their person. When they beautify themselves, they’ll be reminded of your message and logo – it’s a great solution to a common problem!