Finding your Niche with Puppy Love

Building Business Relationships with Promotional Products

Taking in some of the cafe culture in Port Melb this weekend, I came across this curious sign which of course isn’t the main reason the vendor went into business. They would have started a cafe for humans like all their competitors but at some stage realised selling tea and coffee alone wasn’t enough and there was a lot to be gained from expanding their offering first to children with Baby Cinos, then pets with Puppy Cinos! Continue reading

That’s No How You Make Porridge…

Promotional Corporate Hampers and a fine Porridge Recipe

photograph of a corporate hamper

It’s a personal mission of mine to educate Australia on how you make porridge.

We’ve all heard that wee boy on the Uncle Tobys’ ads protesting about the new fangled Instant Oats “that’s no how you make porridge” which was 25 years ago (ouch!) and he’s right, there are some things you can’t repackage but conversely a few that do rather well out of a re-imagining. Take promotional corporate hampers for instance where the whole is definately more that the sum of the parts. Continue reading

How to beat the Credit Crunch

Printed USBs in Credit Card Shape

Although USB sticks are highly brandable, there are times when you want a little extra print flexibility – that’s where Imprinted Card USBs come into their own.

You get all the storage benefits of a USB stick plus massive amounts of branding space, not to mention the “James Bond” curio of its credit card shape! Continue reading

No Snow in England?

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

picture of an environmentally friendly robe made from bambooSimple trade-off really; change the way we live to affect a different outcome. Thing is, it requires an investment in something we can’t yet see, hear, taste, smell ¬†or feel…it’s our future. And yet, we plough plenty of money into pensions, college funds and insurance policies every day, in the event we’ll need to draw on these funds later in life. Continue reading