First Stop – Safety

Love at First Sight with Promotional First Aid Kits

image of a promotional first aid kit

It’s a little ironic that a First Aid Kit should be considered an integral part of your safety strategy, considering it’s there to patch up after the said injury…

That said, there is a requirement on all businesses to establish and maintain safety protocols and that should involve keeping a well stocked First Aid Kit.

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Cool Rays Ban the Sun

The dos and don’ts of Promotional Sunglasses

picture of promotional sunglassesThe quality of vision is ridiculously important to me. I’ve been blighted with short sightedness, cataracts well before my time, vitreous detachment and other crappy opthalmic conditions, and sat in the surgeon’s chair a fair few times. So, when it comes to the health of your eyes and the quality of eyesight, I’m now something of an expert! Continue reading

If you like it put a ring on it.

Branded Custom Keyrings are Gobsmackingly Amazing!

photograph of a customised keyringBeyonce is an outstanding performer – no doubt about it, she’s a consummate professional…and a bit of a babe. Disappointing then to read last week that she’s been named as one of the celebrities with the worst, smelliest breath in her industry, closely flanked by P Diddy and Justin Beaver… Honestly, if we sold promotional toothpaste, I could make a strong link between success and bad breath, and hence push our branded oral hygiene range to the professions – thank goodness we don’t yet stock any. Continue reading