To Cap It All

Get Your Marketing Ahead with Promotional Caps

Picture of a Promotional Cap

Great to be back, huh? All that jolly festive cheer, fatty food and dysfunctional family dynamics are now behind you, and it’s time to get back to work!

Not that your time spent running a business or part thereof should be any less enjoyable than say, heading out to sea in a skiff with a few mates for an afternoon fishing….or taking your spouse for a romantic meal (without kids) …or flying a kite at the beach with those aforementioned kids. It all depends on your perspective and attitude on life. Continue reading

A Summer of Sport is Upon us!

Affordable Sport Sponsorship – Branded Sport “Jersey-Style”

picture of sporting jersey promotional shirtWe all love a little Summer Sport for all it offers. Personally, I like loafing around in front of the TV while my good lady wife gets to deservedly bitch and moan about my antisocial behaviour and the banality of sport (OK, there’s one person who DOESN’T appreciate Summer Sport…).

For others, Cricket can’t come soon enough, albeit tainted with the heartbreaking sadness of Phillip Hughes’ death – one of our good friends who is a mad sports fan posted about the importance of sport in our lives.¬†Nice one Chris.
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Do Your Customers Eat?

Promotional Aprons – Gifts with Taste

picture of a little red apronAt Promotion Products, we love our food, infact it’s a topic that dominates most free time round the kitchen table…what we made for dinner last night, what’s in the fridge for lunch, where we’re going for dinner that night. In short, we’re foodies but if you ask most people, they’ll agree food and preparation of food is high on their list too! Continue reading

2015 Hottest Headwear

Multifunction Headwear – How do you wear yours?

These are sooooo cool! Don’t just take our word on it – the ranting, excitable dude in this video explains and shows their uses better than we could.

Suffice to say though, all the fancy designs in the video could be replaced with your company or organisation’s colours and logos…

Multifunctional Headwear Р6 Steps to Cool! 

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Meet Your Market Head On

Logo Embroidery on Promotional Caps

We love ’em! They’re not only a great seller but quality items in their own right. And as a nation, we wear promotional caps every day – though please, NOT BACKWARDS…that’s just poxy!

I’m sure Justin Beaver is a nice kid, under all that sullen scowling and hair that’s fashioned on his Nanna’s blue-rinse perm. It’s just that taking an ostensibly practical shade cap and wearing it back to front kinda defeats the purpose… wearing a Sou’wester in the bath. Continue reading

Is he havin’ a Laugh?!!

Hospitality Clothing Comes to the Rescue

OK, We’re big Ricky Gervais fans and any chance to quote the man brings a wave of laughter to the Promotion Products office.

Actually, I’ll tell you why this hunk of spunk is having a laugh, it’s because his female boss has her head screwed on the right way. As a restaurant manager, it’s her responsibility to work with the Head Chef to run a professional kitchen and one of the fastest ways to help create a healthy team spirit is to dress the part. Continue reading

Giving Promotional Giveaways to Receive

Picture of Promotional Giveaway Plush ToysThat’s exactly what you could be doing at your next trade show or corporate event.

We’re not advocating throwing in the towel and liquidising all your assets into a “pie in the sky” dream of life on a sun kissed island – although that fantasy is appealing…let us see…. Hayman Island, Kangaroo Island, Bribie Island…. Continue reading

What a year for Sport and Customised Sportswear!

branded-sportswearYou’d have to live in a commune in the Back of Burke to be oblivious to a massive year of sport!

Even while the World Cup raged in Brasil, hundreds of cyclists shot off the line in the Tour de France…and more recently, we had the #Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. Then Footy’s back in every code, providing us with very good reasons to get out and be active or upgrade to a new HD TV! Continue reading