Think Outwith the Norm

Promotional Items – No Right or Wrong

picture of many promotional itemsThere are many ways to skin a cat (although, as a multiple cat owner, that’s a awful saying) but it’s ostensibly true. It’s one of the reasons we. as a species are so successful – we employ a degree of flexibility to the physical and imaginary world around us that helps us cope with uncertainty. Not all of us however enjoy that gift.  Continue reading

For the Perennially Late…

When the going gets tough – Express Product it!

It’s an awful feeling being perennially late. It’s something I dread in my personal and professional life – that desperate clawing at time in the vain hope you’ll halt it’s pace…

Have I been successful in altering the time-space continuum? Of course not! It’s a fruitless endeavour and playing that game only serves to create more stress (on top of the usual buzz needed to function in life). Continue reading

Put a Ring on it!

Promotional Keyrings – Newly Expanded Range

Bang! New for 2015, we’ve been tying our fingers in knots over the Xmas holidays preparing a revised series of webpages full of promotional keyrings.

Why? Well your custom last year persuaded us that imprinted keyrings are going to be popular this year – the feedback we received from you was to offer a bigger, more diverse range…et voila! Continue reading

A Right Royal Rucksack!

Balmoral Promotional Backpacks – Scotland Anyone?

picture of a Balmoral backpackOnce had a chat with an old boy from Scotland who had breakfast with the Queen at the end of her driveway to the rear of Balmoral. Now, that’s not an everyday occurrence but it goes to show that you’ll never find adventure sitting at home contemplating your navel!

One of the key reasons we espouse our range of embroidered or printed promotional backpacks is because they encourage people to get out and about; afternoons in the park, days at the beach, a wet morning at the museum, evening at the gym – the destinations and activity combinations are endless but the result is discovery and self interest. Continue reading

A Timeless Promotional Classic

Promotional Mouse Pads in the Digital Age

A key to choosing effective promotional items is to consider their use and whether your brand name or logo will get enough “air time” to justify your spend.

Where are you right now? At your desk? Looking at your monitor? Well, that was an easy assumption… Chances are you’ll reach for your mouse and navigate to another page or click this link to our offer on promotional mouse pads. And as you do that, you won’t fail to glimpse your old mouse pad…all tired and tawdry from all that slavish use. How nice would it be to upgrade it to a new mat with a bold, full colour print of your choice? Continue reading

2015 Hottest Headwear

Multifunction Headwear – How do you wear yours?

These are sooooo cool! Don’t just take our word on it – the ranting, excitable dude in this video explains and shows their uses better than we could.

Suffice to say though, all the fancy designs in the video could be replaced with your company or organisation’s colours and logos…

Multifunctional Headwear – 6 Steps to Cool! 

Continue reading

Scrub Up Well

Promotional Microfibre Cloths Clean Up

Just as smart phones and tablets are the hottest tech gifts this Xmas, we’re finding that branded promotional Phone Microfibre Cloths are rocking up the business gift charts.

When these first hit the market years ago, they were the perfect solution for dirty spectacles and camera lenses but with new devices flooding the consumer and business market, many with touch/swipe functionality, there is now a definite need for stylish but practical cleaning solutions. Continue reading

Spend to Save

A Promotional Piggy Bank for the Doghouse

Xmas is approaching fast and gift-stress is upon us again!

It’s heartening to think that your carefully chosen promotional gifts are recognised for the cerebral gymnastics behind their selection. Sure, you’d like your efforts to be appreciated and the clever interplay between your service offering and interlinked gift to go down in corporate history….but the reality is that most people won’t get it. And, if you have to explain a joke, it’s not worth telling in the first place! Continue reading