The Pen was Mightier Than the Sword

Draw a Promotional Pen

Promotional Pen imageIt’s a refection of taste and a whole lot more when you reach into your pocket and draw a pen. It says who you are and your attitude to life and work.

Let’s put things in perspective…if you had to write your last letter to friends and family or sign your will, would any old pen do? Would you resort to pencil? Probably not. You’d mark the occasion with a tool of distinction, a pen of the highest quality and you’d invest
all your concentration and passion into those remaining words and letters.

And so it should be with every word we write – empassioned and honest. For previous generations, the pen was mightier than the sword – in a few strokes, you could reach more people and leave a legacy for future generations. A hand written note carries more weight and influence than electronic text, and the instrument you choose to make that statement, defines you in every way.

Our Watermen Pens are a statement of quality and reliability, we wouldn’t sell them otherwise. There are very few instances where a promotional pen bridges the gap between utility and personal expression.