Let the Wolf In

Easy Wolf Clothing – Quality and Style

easy wolf clothes for promotionsSomewhere in recent history, big clothing brands started to realise the massive potential market in Promotional Clothing. Someone, somewhere – oh damn, there’s a cue for a song……

as I was saying… someone, somewhere in industry twigged to the burgeoning promo market and selected lines of hard wearing, yet fashionable clothes and headwear suited to branding embroidery.

We’ve seen attempts by garment manufacturers advertising their promotional items but the fact of the matter is that online, the established promo products websites dominate that space – we’ve been working this corner of the industry for over a decade.

At Promotion Products, we recognised this dilemma and hole in the market a few years ago, and have approached high quality, recognisable brands like Easy Wolf clothing to market their products – and it’s a decision that works very well.

They supply their tried and tested superior range of promotional clothing and we then draw on our marketing, print and distribution capabilities.

Like all good partnerships, we thrive on great communication.

Easy Wolf Clothing is a brand known extensively throughout the country, they are recognised as a mark of quality in an industry blighted by lesser outfits. Our endorsement of their clothes is a further endorsement of a quality product, at the right price, with branding options to meet your marketing needs.

Take a look at their great range and our flexible options, and enjoy the sounds!