No Snow in England?

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

picture of an environmentally friendly robe made from bambooSimple trade-off really; change the way we live to affect a different outcome. Thing is, it requires an investment in something we can’t yet see, hear, taste, smell ¬†or feel…it’s our future. And yet, we plough plenty of money into pensions, college funds and insurance policies every day, in the event we’ll need to draw on these funds later in life.¬†Strange isn’t it that ensuring a clean future for our children and children’s children takes a back seat to convenience and cost?

“…it may never snow again, in England” – Seasons End, Marillion

At Promotion Products, we’ve taken a stance on the matter and invested in a line of environmentally friendly promotional products that are made from recycled materials, Australian locally manufactured products which don’t fly or ship half way round the world, carbon offset products, waste reducing, green educating and green promotional products.

They’re VERY popular proving there’s a way to maintain your physical marketing effort whilst investing in the prospect of a cleaner tomorrow.

And while the Poms may dream of a little welcome global warming this winter, it’s inevitable that snow will fall in England, for a while yet.