Factory Direct – Whats the Difference

It’s all very well to be told that buying on a Factory Direct service is saving you money and is great value, but sometimes the results need to be tangible. So here at Promotion Products we can show you not only one of the best products on the market today, but also how you as a valued customer can save a considerable amount of money by buying from the factory.

The Australian Jute Bag is a truly exceptional product. Made to an exacting standard, this promotional bag is crafted to a convenient size – the same size as an average Woolworths canvas bag. A fantastic wholesale jute bag, this is a great way to not only promote your company but also its environmentally friendly ethos.

Now however, the Australian Jute Bag is also available through our Factory Direct Service. If you place your order 10 weeks in advance, and require a high amount of the product (5000 or more), then the savings can be as much as 33% on top of what you would expect to pay for our already low prices through a non factory-direct service.

So have a look at the products in our factory direct range – you could be looking at saving a lot of money!