To Cap It All

Get Your Marketing Ahead with Promotional Caps

Picture of a Promotional Cap

Great to be back, huh? All that jolly festive cheer, fatty food and dysfunctional family dynamics are now behind you, and it’s time to get back to work!

Not that your time spent running a business or part thereof should be any less enjoyable than say, heading out to sea in a skiff with a few mates for an afternoon fishing….or taking your spouse for a romantic meal (without kids) …or flying a kite at the beach with those aforementioned kids. It all depends on your perspective and attitude on life.

Don’t tell the boss but I adopt the approach that this (like jobs before) is either a “summer job”, “pre-retirement job” (at 47…gees!) or “just helping out”. With that cavalier attitude, little fazes me; screaming deadlines become exciting challenges where I exercise my experience to great effect and show cool under pressure, client liaison is a welcome chance to dazzle and trip the light fandango with effortless linguistic panache, and writing my blog posts is an exercise in employment ridicule as I kick back on a hammock with the laptop!

If I was “working for the man” (ain’t we all someone’s Beatch?!) then I could easily become absorbed into a culture that isn’t necessarily my own…and then I couldn’t offer a unique perspective which is sadly lacking in workplaces. That works well in this rough and tumble industry but it could easily be adopted into any office/factory/shopfloor/retail chain or farm…

With all that bulldust now said, I’d like you to think about how you could next impress your boss or if you are the head honcho, your staff. At this time of year, a favourite branded item is the humble Promotional Cap but let’s hang 10 on the scepticism there…providing clients or staff or customers with functional headwear that communicates your message might be an excellent way to set forth a wave of goodwill for 2015.

You will also help celebrate our great Aussie summer and perhaps even contribute to a relaxed (yet productive) culture that could last throughout the year…