Branded Coffee Anyone?!

Hospitality Supplies and Paper Cups

picture of a branded paper cupIf there’s one thing that always gives our clients a little boost, it’s seeing their name emblazoned on promotional items, especially at an event where the feedback is almost immediate.

We sell a vast range of Hospitality Supplies from aprons to china, napkins to branded water (figure that one out!) and they all come in at different entry points but if we’re talking at a giveaway level, you really can’t go past branded paper cups. What use though is an empty vessel when you’re tired, thirsty, cold or too hot? Absolutely, as a device, it can only function in conjunction with fluid (unless you are a science or kindergarten teacher…but that’s another blog article).

And how best to combine the two? By reading your event/sports meet/conference/trade show and offering something of intrisic value.

  • Promoting a kids soccer tournament? Easy, supply all those freezing cold parents with free tea and coffee. They’ll remember the gesture and your logo and team pep talk printed on the paper cup.
  • You’re the major sponsor at a trade show. You know the venue’s always hot inside so why not go for large printed paper cups and offer free iced water or lemonade – better still, tee up with a drinks vendor and strike up a deal sharing costs?

There are a multitude of uses for hospitality supplies and paper cups that don’t apply purely to the catering trade, you just have to use your imagination and think outside the square, or cylinder, or annulus…ooo err!