How does your organisation differ?

This is a key point in marketing that organisations all over the world can miss. Sometimes it’s not how similar we are to other companies, the way we structure our product offerings, marketing materials or even our logo design that makes the company what it is – it’s the unique features that hold untapped potential to build an audience that is more engaged with your message than some affiliation to a memorable brand.

What I mean by this can best be explained with an example – take Apple. A world recognized brand, and a market leader when it comes to marketing practice and logo design. You can see a full story on the similarity between Applebees new logo here. The key point being that while this may have a short term effect and an association with that brand, ill-thought out plans can lead to association with a brand that empowers that brand, rather than your own and creates a perception as a “hanger-on”.

So how do we capitalise on our brand message and stand out for all the right reasons?

Know your message from day 1.

This is absolutely key. There is no purpose to fumbling blindly through your marketing to try and reach a goal – consider Beats by Dre. Despite entering an arguably saturated market (Skullcandy, Bose, Sony being some of the big players) these headphones have taken the public by storm and made a phenomenal amount of money. Incidentally you can see our headphones here. They did this by having a clear, focused goal, a unique design, and were marketed hard from day one. Now admittedly, not all of us have the budget they did, but it was this focus and drive to be a bit different that made them into an incredibly profitable brand. So know what you want to achieve, and how you;re going to target your brand associations – is it going to be a sophisticated design, grungy, quality and/or price driven?

By knowing your message, you know how to target your brand, you know what will work for you and you can focus your energy, time and money on developing your brand in a unique manner, rather than piggybacking on the coat tails of bigger companies and risk getting lost in their shadow.

Nicholas Letts
Promotion Products – Marketing Manager