Keep the Spirit Alive!

Mad Dogs and Englishmen move aside.

picture of a promotional netballThere’s no better time of the year to get outdoors and battle the blazing heat head-on! It’s the summer after all and our cultural imperative to teach mad dogs and Englishmen that they have no right to that over-used phrase!

As we bask under our ozone-less sly and marvel at our fortunate and lazy path to full sunburn in 5 minutes, let’s back track a few clicks and think sensibly about how we should best prepare ourselves for this crazy folly into the sun’s rays.

Not only do we stock a fantastic range of branded toys to play with but we’ve also thought of ways to protect yourself while you score your next century. Printed umbrellas, promotional lipbalm, embroidered caps, UV tops, promotional drink bottles, beach towels to name but a few good ideas for you, your staff, your customers and clients, your team members to protect themselves with – afterall, there’s no point in losing a man (or woman) to sunstroke or dehydration!

Take a look through our range of outdoor fun products – promotional items to help us embrace and make the most of our bonzer summer, what’s the weather in London right now? Ah yes, good luck playing outdoors in that!