Lead up to EOFY!

The end of the financial year brings a lot of frantic tying up of loose ends as everyone gets a little busier than they were before. Fortunately, we’re looking to help out with some fantastic new products, deals and sales over the next 2 months!

As June is just around the corner, savvy companies are looking at their Marketing and Promotional budgets to determine how they can get the most out of them and really make a difference in their sales. Remembering back to our last Blog post, if you cant measure it, you cant manage it – so looking back at FY15/16 in July, do you want to see a same-same level performance or a staggering rise in employee engagement and sales figures?

Something like one of these Madison pen sets can really help show your employees your appreciation of their worth after a hard fought June period:

It is also so important to make sure that you have your plan for the next financial year ready to go – when you have your events mapped out and a plan in action, get in contact with us as if we are given enough notice we can frequently offer an additional saving on the already competitive price thanks to our fantastic relationship with the manufacturing factories.

Good luck everyone, and remember to call us on 1300 303 717!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products