Meet Your Market Head On

Logo Embroidery on Promotional Caps

We love ’em! They’re not only a great seller but quality items in their own right. And as a nation, we wear promotional caps every day – though please, NOT BACKWARDS…that’s just poxy!

I’m sure Justin Beaver is a nice kid, under all that sullen scowling and hair that’s fashioned on his Nanna’s blue-rinse perm. It’s just that taking an ostensibly practical shade cap and wearing it back to front kinda defeats the purpose… wearing a Sou’wester in the bath.

I am happy to learn though that the vast majority of our supplied promotional caps and hats are worn sunny side up and in Bristol fashion (?!). Also, by the correct positioning, the logo embroidery adornment is fully visible to your target market – those in front of you! It’s the very reason we brand clothing in prominent positions like lapels, breast pockets, dead centre, shoulder sides etc.

Caps face front, as do logos (sorry Justin….but can I still get an autograph…for my daughter?).