A Boyhood Fascination

Mark up with Novelty Pens

When I was a boy, they were only just starting to introduce pens into the classroom, before that it was pencil and chalk (really, a recent trip to my child’s prep class opened my eyes to a whole new world of communication – gone is the blackboard, in comes the whiteboard, the overhead projector is dead and we all now bow to the data projector linked to a PC and iPad!).
I loved those early tools for scribing and adopted the ballpoint pen with flourish. Not long after I had a cartridge pen which regularly spat ink over my books, hands and clothes…it was an exercise in patience from the word go. I also had a big fat carousel of a pen loaded with at least 12 barrels of different ink. I/ve had pens that glowed in the dark, housed rubbers, played music, recorded movies, vibrated, responded to a whistle….so it’s no small wonder that a boyhood fascination with pens spawned a professional interest in finding and sharing the most unique novelty pens through this website.

Your hobby SHOULD be your profession and vice versa.

Do you remember the fun you had with novelty pens when you were a child? Of course you do….and so will your clients, customers, staff and team mates – a calculated purchase can help spark their imaginations and remind them of you.

The range we’ve assembled takes in the most sought after new designs and innovations, and they all afford healthy space to print logos and important messages.