It’s the Little Things that Count

Pampering – Logo Products for Home

When I was a boy, my dad worked in an office full of women, perfume and smoke. They also had biscuits which made after-school care in their kitchen bearable.

The lady folk mainly occupied the typing office (I know, but women’s rights hadn’t been invented in country towns in the 70s!). Given that, it was the fairer sex who actually ran the day-to-day business. My dad was in-effect, a pawn in their game and I’m glad to say, history has repeated itself. The Promotion Products office is staffed by energetic, resourceful women who allow our boss to think he’s actually in control……sound familiar to you?

As a man in that environment, you’d be smart to recognise how lucky you are and know your place.

My mother said to me the other night, “don’t underestimate the importance of a man in the house”…and of course she’s right (always is…she reads this Blog!). The sexes can work well together, drawing on each other’s strengths and accepting their foibles.

So, how do you recognise the best in each other? How can you communicate your gratitude for their ongoing support?

My father was kind to all in his office, he recognised and praised in public, cautioned in private. He also bought little gifts and cards at Easter, Xmas and Birthdays – he cared and it showed.

His was a small office but what if you manage a large factory, retail chain or coach a sports team? What can you use to say “thank you” on a large scale?

We’ve developed a range of logo products for home that are intended to pamper in down-time. Not only can you select something of high quality they’ll actually use but you can also brand them so they’re “on message”.

It’s the little things that count, that was the case back in the 70s and it’s still the case today.