Consider the Branding Opportunities

Printed Lanyards for Events and Conferences

picture of a printed promotional lanyardAt conference and event time, there are a plethora of promotional giveaway items you can utilise to spread your brand or message. With their low cost and attractive, large branding space, they are the perfect way to increase or maintain your presence both at the event or back in the recipient’s office or home environment.

It also makes sense to consider the branding opportunities on the containers for your items and that’s where promotional bags come into their own, our range of printed tote bags are ideal in that regard. There’s little point dishing out handfuls of goodies only for them to be carted away in a competitor’s branded tote bag!

The icing on the cake though is what you wear round your own neck or members of your delegation. At close to eye level, promotional printed lanyards are coloured and printed with your logo will indicate who you are and what you represent like nothing else. They’re not just a funky adornment but functional too – each comes with a clip to hang your name tag. Straight up, this is Jane Doe from BDC Industries.

Next time you hit a trade show, corp event, convention, sports day, social occassion for work, don’t be the contributor/speaker/visitor who fails to display who they are and what they do, even before opening your mouth.