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Printed Silicone Bracelets

Let’s face it, it’s good to feel part of something, especially when the cause is notable. Even better to express your passion by a physical reminder.

I once worked with a big guy who was “rough as” in just about every aspect. In all the bragging of retribution against people who had done him wrong, tales of violence and downright illegal acts, there was a peculiarly soft and endearing side to the man.

When he spoke of his little dog, his face mellowed and voice altered pitch but it was when he shared stories of his recently departed father and brother that he became quite a different person altogether.

On his upper left chest he had a tribute to Dad and his brother’s on the right. He wore them close to his heart and as he explained this, started to well up, looking above him in a desperate hope of reconnecting with them, someday. It was touching and poignant.

At Promotion Products, when we discovered printed silicone bracelets, we were similarly touched to learn that people wear them to show solidarity and kinship to causes and individuals. Wider still, they are used to indicate belonging to clubs, organisations, groups at work and charities.

In short, they’re a simple but effective communication tool, alike to badges and pins. As you scroll through some of our real examples, it’s hard not to be touched.