How We drive Ourselves Forward

Printed Tea Towels – Grouse or Shouse?

picture of a tea towel used for promotional purposesOne good thing about getting old will be freedom from the shackles of work and all that continuous expectation to generate income – it’s quite exhausting thinking about how we constantly drive ourselves forward, usually to feed tiny mouths, then larger, Gannet sized mouths then bed and board for older chicks before finally persuading them that inner city living is chic and cool.
I’m looking forward to all of that, not that I’m squandering my present time, wishing it all away on a hope and a prayer… today, I seized the day and dragged myself out of bed at 5.45am, drove to work and started attending to a barrage of emails….oh dang! Talking about work again, huh?

My latter years will be grouse but what will be definitely be “shouse” are day trips to “Philip Island” where the highlight will be selecting a printed tea towel with daft little penguins wandering up a beach…how….many….times….do….we….have….to hear…about…their….feckin’…Philip Island penguins?!!!! Like that dolphin shaped isle has a monopoly on the critters! Well, actually, they do and their marketing is excellent which is why most holidays my family and I head down there to see the feckin’….penguins…..again!

It’s not that I have an issue with tea towels, or Penguins for that matter, it’s just the subject matter usually sends me to sleep. If you’re going to use cloth to push a product or service or holiday desrination, at least be bold in your endeavours, not beat around the bush with pictures of poxy penguins. Promotional printed tea towels are the perfect canvas for
for branding your logo, team message or slogan.

As time runs out on all of us, forget penguins and lazy trips to the seaside with plenty of toilet stops, and be bold in your endeavours – printed tea towels are the perfect promotional product for dishwashers of all ages.