The Promotions Arena

Printed Tote Bags for Trade Shows

photograph of a printed tote bagPromotional Tote Bags are without doubt one of the most effective means of marketing at a trade show or conference – the items you giveaway at your stand will serve their purpose when the recipients return to their desks but for the duration of the show, a portable advertising banner, given en-masse, will spread your word like no other.

And it’s really down to your creativity to make the most of the opportunity – it could be a big call to action like “Visit stand 22 for a free coffee” or “Free prize draw at stand 22!” as a means of attracting more folks across to your dingy part of the hall!

You’ll also notice that long after the conference has ended, your printed tote bags will surface in public places as your recipients go about their daily business, inadvertently advertising your brand, your organisation or your key offer. It’s this degree of perpetuity that earns the humble printed tote bag a fearsome reputation in the promotions arena…and trade hall.