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Promotional Air Fresheners – Value Plus

picture of a promotional air freshenerHere’s a deal….most Graphic Designers in Australia will charge around $100/hr for their time and that tends to add to costs when having your logo prepared for print. When you choose to buy these Air Freshener products, we’ll give you an hour of our Graphic Designer’s time FREE!

In addition, you’ll get a full colour print on both sides and ZERO set-up costs. Plus, we reckon we’re the cheapest in the country for promotional air fresheners – if you find a better deal elsewhere, bring it to us and we’ll do all we can to thrash it!

So – a killer offer, the prospect of companies locked in price wars and a delightfully sweet smell into the bargain. YES! Yet again at Promotion Products we’ve drawn all the winning ingredients for an excellent night in, into our blog post. It’s the kind of nonsense we’re known for but as always, underpinned by an great deal!