Do Your Customers Eat?

Promotional Aprons – Gifts with Taste

picture of a little red apronAt Promotion Products, we love our food, infact it’s a topic that dominates most free time round the kitchen table…what we made for dinner last night, what’s in the fridge for lunch, where we’re going for dinner that night. In short, we’re foodies but if you ask most people, they’ll agree food and preparation of food is high on their list too!

This season, we’ve found promotional aprons are getting a good workout. Not only are they highly brandable but there is a stylish range to choose from and most certainly, something for everyone.

Whether your clients or customers are bread makers, bakers, sunday roast supremos, pizza chef maestros (Doug!) or chocolate fudge and ice cream artists, a branded, promotional apron will hit the right spot.

Our Little Red Apron above is a classic in the same vein as a little black dress; every chef or cook should have one in their bottom drawer and not feel inhibited whipping it out and squeezing into it every now and then!