Hues of Lilac and Subtle Shards of Bikini Yellow

Promotional Clocks – Time for a Change

picture of a promotional picture clockFor some strange reason, lately I’ve been developing a strange interest in promotional clocks but before you almost rightfully declare I’m a strange fruitcake with an unnatural fetish, let me explain what kick started this fascination.

A few days ago I was testing a new promotional clock in our range (yes, we subject every promotional item to rigorous scrutiny) and deceided to wake myself up early for a walk in the park. Well, the alarm clock did its job and kicked me in the ribs at 6am, catapulting me out of bed and in the direction of the coffee machine. It wasn’t the alarm or smell of the coffee though that truly woke me though, it was the majestic beauty I found adorning the sky.

A picture of the sun rising over Diamond Creek in Victoria Australia

Emblazoned across the horizon from due North, through East to the deep South, was the most awe inspiring sunrise. Orange melted into crimson, folded into hues of lilac and subtle shards of bikini yellow as I stood agasp witnessing a light show the likes of which ‘d never before seen at 37 degrees South.

If I hadn’t taken the promotional clock home and been inspired to set it for dawn, I wouldn’t have stood on the back lawn, humbled into silence.

Moments like that are to be treasured, savoured, captured, shared but you’ll never experience them unless you’re prepared to step out of your normal routine and try something new. If you’ve have yet to wow your clients./customers/staff/team mates/sponsors/co-contributors with a branded promotional item, then be bold and consult a promotional clock – a break from the usual iphone wakeup could spark a mini life-changing moment. And sadly, those don’t happen very often.