Vale the Filofax

Promotional Compendiums, the new Filofax?

picture of a promotional compendium

Do you remember the 80’s? No such thing as a promotional compendium back then – if you were young, hip and organised, you had a Filofax and a brick shaped mobile phone. You also had tall hair and shoulderpads though that’s an aspect many of us wish to bury deep. Music was better back then, as was politics and growth (well, the early part of the decade, not the 17% mortgage  interest part!).

Let’s get back to that Filofax….and how even the most modest phone has made it obsolete. The additional downside to all this downsizing and the multifunctionality of today’s phones is we now don’t have a place to write ideas during meetings, nor a tangible statement in our hands; if you walk into a meeting carrying a mobile phone, it appears as though you intend answering it at any moment, as though your attention could be elsewhere at any time. That’s where the Filofax came into its own – it was dedicated and focussed on business and contacts, and passive too – unlike a ringing phone.

Today’s promotional compendiums largely occupy the same role as a traditional Filofax. They make a statement as you walk into a room communicating you’re organised and professional. You can write notes in front of a client or customer, share ideas in sketch format – forget using Apps to generate venn diagrams and bar charts in a meeting – it doesn’t work…there is nothing more distracting than someone fumbling around with a small screen, playing at being a whizz kid – a real hand-drawn graph or image speaks volumes, especially when it’s a collaborated effort. You can even store a phone or tablet in one of the compendium’s internal sleeves, out of site.

So, with these groovy retro features, the promotional compendium appears to be the new Filofax, harmonising old and more recent communication devices. And it makes absolute sense to consider tooling up staff with branded compendiums when out and about, promoting your brand as a quality, mature, professional concern.