Hat Off to an Old Friend

Promotional Headwear – My Old Partner in Crime

Vale – Archie AKA York

It’s not often one gets a chance to work with family members, I have had that chance on a few occassions; my brother, cousin and mother-in-law. Sometimes it works and at other times, it’s fraught with preconceived ideas and expectations, roles and responsibilities that don’t exist otherwise

A few years ago, I worked with my dog, York (whose stage name was Archie and became his affectionate nickname). I say “was” because York died of a snakebite after defending our children from a 4ft tigersnake.

On my schedule today is a prompt to write a blog piece about promotional headwear, I’ll still do that but not without recognising York’s contribution. We spent a week filming videos on every promotion product and not once did the little guy complain or sigh (OK, he slept a lot between takes and chewed umpteen items of clothing). He always turned up for work wagging his tail and ready for fun.

Working with your dog is different to working with other family members. York and I could sit in silence for hours just enjoying each other’s company (somehow, I can’t imagine my wife being content with that idea), he could easily scoff a packet of biscuits thus allaying my diet guilt as I ate the other packet, York never made me feel guilty about taking a sickie – he actively encouraged time out. Sleeping was a necessary part of the business day and York never missed an opportunity to catch a pawful of Zs. He liked biscuits but sausages were his favourite food. He loved my children, so much so that he died for them.

In this video I made York try on lots of promotional headwear. Not that dressing up was new to him – he regularly wore doll’s clothes but would never admit to it down at the park. Behind the camera were a gaggle of girls, his groupies, cheering him on and arranging his hats between takes.

York (Archie), I take my hat off to you for dying gallantly in battle, doing your job and defending your family. In the time-served relationship between man and dog, there is no higher accolade. Respect.