Put a Ring on it!

Promotional Keyrings – Newly Expanded Range

Bang! New for 2015, we’ve been tying our fingers in knots over the Xmas holidays preparing a revised series of webpages full of promotional keyrings.

Why? Well your custom last year persuaded us that imprinted keyrings are going to be popular this year – the feedback we received from you was to offer a bigger, more diverse range…et voila!

We’ve always been a big fan of the humble branded keyring from the beginning – they sell consistently well and are set to continue that way as long as we, as a people continue to lock things. How many sets of keys did you fumble with today?

People who SHOULDN’T use a Promotional Keyring

There is a name for the genus that insists on gathering every key they’ve ever known, slapping them on the largest ring and hanging them from the side of their jeans, officially they’re called “flaggers”…let’s just affectionately call them “Dorks”. From this image, what you can’t see is the expanded girth, profusion of facial hair and leary message on their branded T Shirt. the top accessory usually a sheathed penknife or mobile phone case. All in all, it’s not a particularly good look!