Going Old School

Promotional Pens – Still Holding Court

In an age where we all dial into the Web using tablets, smart phones and PCs ( I even did it with my TV the other night!) there at first seems a move away from the art of handwriting. Keyboards are ubiquitous in every office and home, and it seems just a little “ordinary” and inefficient to write letters and journals when these days you can dictate into your phone and transfer a transcription to your mailbox to be edited further and printed (still amazing, huh?).

It seems as though we’ve become so smart, yet reliant on digital means and forgotten our previous clever invention – the ballpoint pen…or have we?

Just as an experiment, look around your desk, your car, your kitchen bench and unless you are a complete tech-slave who’s balancing on the spectrum, there will be at least one olde fashioned writing device within easy reach. More than one? Bet the flashy, branded pen catches your attention first? And you have it in your posession because……. it was probably given to you for free.

There’s no doubt we all love a bargain. Better still, a freebie. Chances are, your customers feel exactly the same. So, you’re planning ahead for 2015 with a new product/service/direction and wondering how to promote it. The simple fact is that promotional branded pens are still a much used desktop (and elsewhere) utility. Couple that with their portability, branding space and relative low cost, and your decision’s been made for you.

Unless of course you’re planning branded iPADs for all your contacts in 2015!