Think Outwith the Norm

Promotional Items – No Right or Wrong

picture of many promotional itemsThere are many ways to skin a cat (although, as a multiple cat owner, that’s a awful saying) but it’s ostensibly true. It’s one of the reasons we. as a species are so successful – we employ a degree of flexibility to the physical and imaginary world around us that helps us cope with uncertainty. Not all of us however enjoy that gift. 

Conditions like Autism and Asberger are now mentioned as commonplace and explain to some degree, behaviours that are outwith the norm.

Where am I going with this? Well, there’s no right or wrong way to promote your business.

What works for the Insurance sector won’t necessarily appeal to the delegates at a Knitting Convention…and conversely, fans of cross stitch have a different set of triggers to a Lacrosse Team (that’s a brutal game! – like the Scottish game of Shinty where shins and testicles get ruptured on a regular basis). That’s why promotional items come in an amazing variety of shapes, colours and pricepoints…indeed there are many ways to deglove a feline.