A Fine Affair

Promotional Products Elite – Australian Fine China

promotional chinaFor Commercial Crockery and Printed Cups, we have an unique partnership with Australian Fine China to provide Bistros, Cafes, Restaurants, Reception Centres, Boardrooms, in fact any interested party, with the quality of double-fired fine bone china printed with your branding option. It’s an offer so appealing to buinesses that this relationship has existed for over 14 years!

“But what’s so great about Fine China? The cost doesn’t equate does it? Doesn’t it crack easily? I’m stocking a School function room, not the Ritz….”

These are questions and comments most asked of our consultants. All valid points but we take care to explain the following but in reality, Fine China’s best advocates are customers who’ve already bought into their crockery investment….

And they tell (boast actually) of their wise choice in buying Australin Fine China through us.

If you take your standard promotional mug, it’s generally a single-fired low grade piece of tableware built to budget and printed to last 12 months. It’s brittle and chips easily…then replaced by another mug of similar low quality. The double-fired process used by Australin Fine China creates strength which resists chipping and cracking, the result is a longer shelf life – result!

Higher cost? Yes, they do cost more than standard mugs but their longer shelf life and attractive profiles more than out-weigh the higher cost consideration.

So, whether you are a buyer for the Ritz or need simply need attractive crockery for your club house, our range of hospitality supplies from Australia Fine China is an investment that will pay dividends over and over again.