Keep Smiling Sis!

Promotional School and Kids Clothing

children wearing promotional clothing“Keep smiling sis, or dad won’t give us any pocket money”…it’s hard being the children of someone who sells promotional products! Not only do you hardly see your parents because they’re chained to their desks, but you have to muck in and model clothing whenever it suits the powers that be.

And today, Barnaby and Trudy are modelling the highly attractive Kids Velocity Polos! These tops are breathable and machine washable making them an ideal option for busy young people. We also offer an embroidery service so you can brand with your school or club motif.

Polo shirts are a favourite promotional school and kids clothing garment as they are well suited to our climate, yet still offer fabric that allows the body to sweat and provide protection from the sun. Winner really.

Back to the kids now and that line from the movie Kenny still rings in my ear “thank Grandad for the 20 cents mate”…that would be a bit poor but I’ll see they’re well compensated all their lives – kids don’t really grasp that concept though do they?