Don’t be Institutionalised

Promotional Slinky Fun to the Rescue

slinkySometimes the trivial and frivolous has a place in business – it’s a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind that institutionalises us. All work and no play makes for Johnny a miserable existence….until Johnny wakes up to the realisation that injecting a little fun into the office/store/shop/workshop has benefits that extend beyond 9-5.

Take the promoitonal slinky….a unique piece of engineering that self-drives itself using gravity. It’s an amazing machine when you break it down – it has moving parts yet it doesn’t need maintenance, it has symmetry and purpose – try using a slinky for any other job that climbing down stairs….I can’t for the life of me think of one.

And other than the amusement of mankind, it has no reason to exist – it is a frivolous piece of engineering marvel, yet I guarantee that anyone receiving a slinky will go out of their way to find a flight of stairs and give it a go. While they’re at it, they’ll be reminded of your ingenuity in finding a toy so unique  – partly as your name will be slapped across the front of the slinky!

As they say, help someone in times of need…ad they’ll repay you one hundredfold. The same can be said of being there in the good times; the fun, trivial times.

Now, some extra trivial stuff!