Just in Time for Spring

Promotional T Shirts – Best price in Australia

Not Prince HarryLosing your glasses can have dreadful consequences….like crashing your car, stepping on the dog’s tail or kissing the wrong “wife”.

These are all things I’ve done and I can honestly say (though it didn’t stand up in court), that misplacing my specs was the reason.

Thing is I’ve done it again and have fronted up to the Promotion Products Blog full of vim an swagger, ready to share important promotional product news with you. So, with that forewarning, let’s push ahead!

Today’s feature line of products is the good old T Short in all its guises: ¬†short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, v neck, crew, tank, modern, classic, sports, mesh, cotton, singlets, organic, spaghetti, hooded, light, heavy….the list goes on and on. And, we’ve got them all with FREE set up costs on printing.

We even have a challenge for you: If you find the same TYPE of printed promotional T-Shirts, supplied just a quickly but lower in price and through our meagre margins are NOT able to better it, we will give $10 to a charity of your choice! Just as a way of apologising for taking up your time and sharing the wealth to those in need. Are YOU up for the challenge?!

Now, back to our fantastic range of Tees and here we have, by special Royal pardon, Prince Harry modelling a long sleeved, hooded T-Shirt which is especially popular with our young rugged types.

To tell you the truth, I was blown away when Prince Harry approached us and offered to model our clothes in exchange for a packet of smokes and a corned beef sandwich, and even more amazed that he actually now lives in Logan on the Gold Coast – see the amazing facts I bring you each week?!