It’s a Man Thing

Promotional Wallets – an Ideal Backup Solution

wallets and pursesIt’s largely a man-thing, forgetting one’s wallet but thereagain it’s largely a man-thing to possess a wallet…They’re deeply personal items and store not just your cash, cards and drivers licence, but a Medicare card, private health fund card, Flybys, library card, and photos of children, partners and even Mums (Hi Mum!). So it makes sense to operate ot just one main wallet for your everyday out and about activites, but a second wallet for riskier endeavours like swimming, walking, beach days out, nightclubbing – infact, all the places I’ve lost my primary wallet!

A promotional wallet then makes an ideal backup solution – for you and your clients. As a corporate gift, it’s practical and attractive with a high perceived value. Give a gift that looks ill considered and inexpensive, and you promote feelings of dissention straight away. However, choose a promotional product suggesting there’s been some thought and generosity, and you convey trust.

You’d have to live under a rock to miss trust and value go hand in hand, not just in business but at a deeply personal level. They help establish and build relationships.

And the outlay for a consignment of branded promotional wallets? Perhaps ask yourself if you can afford NOT to consider them.