You mean a T Shirt Madam…?

Selling the Virtues of Promotional T Shirts is Relatively Easy.

picture of a girl wearing a t shirtTake a simple white tee shirt for example and you have one of the most versitile pieces of clothing that should feature in most wardrobes. Not only can you wear one as a standalone item, it also looks good over the top of long sleeve tops with a layered effect on the arms. I have a particular preference for wearing a tee shirt under a collared shirt in winter or with a light sports jacket – try that in the NT!

However you preference wearing a t shirt, we should perhaps pause for a while and consider the branding options…and with possibly the largest surface (depending on your girth) and portability, a promotional t shirt makes so much sense on many levels.

Some examples of promo t shirt use:

  • Team overshirts at a trade show or event – let your people wear whatever they like underneath
  • Crew uniform in sport – helps members feel part of the same “unit”
  • Retail uniforms – helps identify your staff in a sea of customers – think “apple”
  • Trade uniforms – promote customer confidence by showing a business like approach to work
  • Casual – you’d be amazed where t shirts end up and the value of having one to wear round the house

Oh, I presume you mean a T Shirt Madam……

picture of a sloppy joe t shirtMy grandmother was a very proud woman and a little like the TV character “Hyacinth Bucket”. A family story tells of my father begging her for a “Sloppy Joe” shirt (this was back in the late 40s, early 50s) and my grandmother making her way into a snooty department store in Glasgow and asking a stiff collared prig of a salesman if they stocked any “Sloppy Joes”. Then from the top of his nose down, he replied “Oh, I presume you mean a T Shirt Madam……“. Apparently she was mortified at her own street-talk and we all still have a laugh at the awkwardness of that encounter. Today though, T shirts in all their guises have become accepted as part of everyday clothing.

Check out our range of “Sloppy Joes” for yourself.